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WEDGE Group is a Houston-based, privately held U.S. investment firm of industrialist, statesman, and philanthropist, Issam M. Fares. Founded in the 1970s, WEDGE has made controlling private equity investments in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, trucking, food processing, engineering, construction, oilfield services, and real estate.

Since 2016, WEDGE is focused on acquiring and managing income-producing real estate which includes mostly office buildings and hotels. WEDGE primarily invests in value-add cash-flow U.S. real estate with long-term upside potential. A typical investment size is $25.0 million to $50.0 million, financed with conservative levels of leverage between 50.0% to 70.0% loan to value.

WEDGE Equities, based in Houston, Texas is responsible for the management of its self-directed U.S. public equity portfolio.

WEDGE International Holdings B.V. in the Netherlands, is a foreign affiliate that own and manage substantial non-U.S. investments.

Corporate Office

WEDGE Group Incorporated

1415 Louisiana, Suite 3400
Houston, TX 77002-7210


T. +713-739-6500

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