Markets rise and fall, rise again and fall again. Stability is a significant benefit of WEDGE counsel and guidance: WEDGE companies typically have significant competitive advantages and achieve strong net cash flows.


WEDGE paces its investments to take advantage of cycles in the individual business. Unlike most private equity funds, WEDGE need not monetize investments within some fixed period of time. As a result, WEDGE has owned some companies for over two decades, and it also has entered and exited investments more quickly.


WEDGE benefits from its financial strength. Often it acquires a business or property for cash; then decides on the most appropriate financial structure. WEDGE designs each company's financial structure to suit the operational needs and cycles of that business not necessarily to minimize equity investment. This yields a lower cost of debt and allows investments in cyclical businesses.


WEDGE management has decades of experience with operating companies. Because of its focus on operations and market conditions, WEDGE is an active partner with management on issues such as overhead, capital expenditures and executive compensation.


WEDGE supports strong teams, provides performance goals and incentives and holds management accountable. WEDGE senior management assists with strategic planning, financing, acquisitions, asset disposition, risk management, tax planning and legal administration.